Group Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is often considered an essential benefit to offer your employess. There are two basic types of coverage. The plan where you would go to a participating dentist and receive a discount or a specific copay per procedure. These plans are typically called a DHMO or PPO plan and are the least expensive plans available.

The other type of plan is called an INDEMNITY plan.  With this plan there are no networks, you would see ANY dentist you choose to. The benefits are generally 100/80/50, 100% for Preventive Care ,  80% for Basic services,  50% for Major services with a $50 deductible for Basic and Major services and a $1000-$1500 annual maximum. This is the most expensive type of plan available.

You can choose to have the employees contribute  towards the cost of the plan or the employer can pay in full.

Contact us and we can give you all the information to make the proper choice.